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Registered Rep Affiliation Benefits

Affiliation with Gradient Securities affords our representatives a suite of value-added services, including appointment tools, practice management and support services, training, prospecting, and more.

Chances are, most firms provide similar products and payouts. The real difference is the level of service the firm provides. At Gradient Securities, we offer world-class service by recognizing that servicing the investor is the most important thing our representatives do; and servicing those representatives is the most important thing we do. We are, and will always be, a silent partner, helping our representatives take their business to the next level.

Our team is comprised of the following personnel to ensure quick and accurate answers to questions and inquiries as well as ongoing training and support. Plus, our representatives receive easy - and encouraged - access to senior management.

  • Business Consultants - All representatives are assigned a dedicated team member who will serve as a "go-to person" for sales activities. We ensure our representatives don't waste time calling fund and variable companies for product information and sales ideas. We also provide sales ideas, case design, sample case analyses, and point-of-sale presentations and tools.
  • Business Coordinators - We help our representatives leverage their time with our resources. A dedicated business coordinator is assigned to all representatives to answer questions and provide business follow up. We allow our representatives to turn in client applications, and we do the rest. From proofing applications for prospective clients through commissions paid, we provide critical services for representatives so they can spend more time serving their clients.

Affiliation with Gradient Securities affords our representatives a suite of value-added services.

Appointment Tools & Process

  • Appointment Correspondence Process (letters, agendas)
  • My Opportunities Appointment Process
    • My Opportunities Process Outline
    • First Appointment Questions
    • Fact Finder
    • Confidential Financial Assessment Form
    • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
    • Personal Financial Matrix
    • My Life Goals
    • My Asset Inventory - Current
    • My Obstacles
    • Recommendations
    • My Asset Inventory - Revised
    • My Action Items
    • My Opportunities Timeline
    • Expectations and Commitments Review
    • Life Events
  • Wall of Worry Sales Sheet
  • Fixed Indexed Annuity / Variable Annuity Sales Pieces

Practice Management & Support Services

  • Gradient Securities Technology Platform
  • Portfolio Analysis Review Service (includes complimentary Morningstar reports)
  • 6 Bricks to Building $1 Million+ GDC
  • 10.5 Practice Killers
  • Fast-Start Affiliation Program
    • Guide to Transitioning BDs
    • Appointment Process Videos
    • Transition Checklists
    • Pre-Populated Change of BDs Paperwork
    • Client/Prospect Notification Letters
    • Client/Prospect Introduction Script


  • Fast-Start Affiliation Program
  • Assigned Business Consultant
  • New Business Process Training
  • Monthly Webinar Trainings and Library
  • Personalized Product and Presentation Training
  • Objection Handler Training
  • Online Annual Compliance Meeting
  • Online Continuing Education Program Meeting
  • How to Handle Customer Complaints
  • Wholesaler Product Training


  • Gradient Positioning Systems Discount
  • Emerald Marketing Discount
  • $10 Million Plan Package
  • Personalized Marketing Action Plan
  • Pre-Approved Seminars for Reps
  • IRA Legacy & Planning System
  • Retirement X-Ray Prospecting System
  • Pre-Approved Gradient Financial Group Tools
    • Gradient Tax, LLC
    • Gradient Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
    • Gradient Positioning Systems, LLC
    • Gradient Investments, LLC
    • Gradient Advisors, LLC
  • Market Recovery Kit
  • Is Gold Worth the Risk Campaign