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We seek to inspire financial services professionals to build their businesses with vision for the future and to serve their clients by providing comprehensive financial solutions. Our diverse selection of financial products and services includes insurance, investment advisory services, asset management, securities, and our exclusive KonnexME platform. Plus we offer access to tax and compliance services through our third-party affiliates: Stovall and Associates, Ltd. and RIA Registrar, LLC.

Gradient Investments, LLC

The Wright Investment Strategy

Gradient Investments is an independent, privately-owned, fee-only SEC registered investment advisor, providing professional money management services. We serve individuals, employer-sponsored pension plans, foundations, endowments and corporations through mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), options and separately managed accounts.

Like the Wright brothers, we are pioneers. We actively manage accounts through our proprietary Wright Investment Strategy which is based on the principles of flight. Although the Wright brothers' first flight was over 100 years ago, it remains one of the most complex and demanding challenges ever mastered. The Wright brothers conquered this challenge by developing a scientific 3-Axis Control System that is still used today on fixed-wing aircraft.

We address investment challenges through a parallel 3-Axis Control System which actively manages Risk Exposure, Investment Strategy, and Investment Performance and provide tailored investment solutions based on clients' unique investment objectives.