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Software & Technology

Financial professionals who affiliate with us have access to this diverse selection of resources and opportunities, including customized cutting-edge software reports that clearly communicate complex financial concepts.

  • 1040 Snapshot
    The 1040 Snapshot provides a picture of your clients' current tax situation and clearly demonstrates opportunities to minimize tax liabilities today, and in the future.
  • Asset Altimeter
    Looking to determine the viability of your clients' current retirement plans? Analyze the safety of their assets, asset allocation and tolerance to risk. Show them projected growth and withdrawal rates as well as multiple strategies to provide solutions to maintain the longevity of their retirement income.
  • Asset Map
  • Custom Annuity Policy Review
    Address the needs and concerns of variable annuity policy owners. Examine the rider fees and investment costs inside the policy and determine if the cost associated with owning the policy is worth the potential return.
  • Efficient Frontier
    The Efficient Frontier is one of the oldest and most effective asset allocation tools. Help your clients review their current investment portfolio and compare it to other strategies to identify the optimal combination of risk and return.
  • Family Inheritance Tree
    When your clients pass, their assets will be distributed according to their beneficiary designations, and will be subject to all applicable income and estate taxes. The Family Inheritance Tree illustrates how each asset will be treated and will immediately call out any errors and ensure they can be fixed in time.
  • Financial Pyramid
    Financial Pyramid is a full-fledged
    financial planning software that can support your transition to fee-based planning. Create a financial plan that covers asset allocation, income planning, taxation and legacy planning - including complete cash flow and net worth statements.
  • Found Money Report
    The Found Money Report helps your clients identify cost-saving opportunities that most people routinely overpay for, but don't know it. This is accomplished through analysis of brokerage statements, tax returns and insurance policies.
  • Gradient Compass
    Gradient Compass helps your clients chart their income planning destination using propriety tools, such as a growth calculator, CD vs. annuity comparison, and income rider comparisons. The report shows multiple sources of income and the best strategy to take income throughout retirement.
  • Income Aviator
    Providing income during retirement is like flying through turbulence. If your clients are concerned about outliving their income, the Income Aviator will bring structure to an otherwise confusing concept. Draft a retirement flight plan to illustrate how to partition their retirement assets to maximize returns.
  • IRA Legacy
    Determine when and how to take required minimum distributions, what to do with them, how to plan for transferring wealth, and whether it makes sense to convert a 401(k) or traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
  • Legacy Maximizer
    By leveraging existing investments and insurance wisely, your clients can create generational wealth that can be insulated from future tax law changes. This report demonstrates the opportunity to take a distribution to fund a life insurance policy, dramatically increasing their legacy.
  • Morningstar Reports
    Morningstar, one of the largest third-party rating agencies in the country, offers an unbiased analysis of your clients' current investments. If your clients are serious about seeing what comprises their portfolios, then objective unbiased opinions are the only option.
  • Navigator Report
    The sophisticated Navigator reporting system monitors the execution of your clients' financial plans, providing real-time statements on their account activity, investment values, and up-to-date portfolio performance.
  • Portfolio Pilot
    Analyze the risk/reward ratio of your clients' current portfolios. Assess their desired risk tolerance and offer alternative solutions within our 20 proprietary model portfolios. Help them gain clarity knowing their assets are appropriately allocated.
  • Retirement X-Ray
    The Retirement X-Ray System is designed to mirror a physician's exam, from diagnosis to treatment, for your prospects' pre- and post-retirement plan.
  • Roth Conversion
    Provide an objective analysis prepared by a CPA to determine if a Roth IRA conversion is appropriate for your clients, taking into account the affect of converting available retirement assets, paying the conversion tax with other assets, and allowing the Roth IRA to grow.
  • Rule of 100
    The Rule of 100 report provides a quick snapshot of how much of your clients' retirement and investment accounts should be exposed to risk and loss based on their age. The illustrations found in the report then provide a comparison of their existing and desired risk.
  • Second Opinion Tax Review
    The Second Opinion Tax Review prepared by a CPA is a comprehensive review of your clients' prior-year tax returns. The review presents concrete steps to capitalize on missed savings as well as suggestions to lower your clients' future tax bills.
  • Social Security Maximization
    This report analyzes the most common strategies, examines multiple opportunities and recommends the best solution. It provides a complete retirement roadmap with specific dates and instructions.
  • Variable Annuity Quick Calc
    Evaluate how to handle the taxation of any losses that may be sitting unrealized within your clients' non-qualified variable annuity contracts. Your clients will gain helpful information to decide whether to take advantage of the tax implications related to this situation.