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About Us

We seek to inspire financial services professionals to build their businesses with vision for the future and to serve their clients by providing comprehensive financial solutions. Our diverse selection of financial products and services includes insurance, investment advisory services, asset management, securities, and our exclusive KonnexME platform. Plus we offer access to tax and compliance services through our third-party affiliates: Stovall and Associates, Ltd. and RIA Registrar, LLC.

Gradient Advisors, LLC

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Gradient Advisors is an independent, privately-owned SEC registered investment advisor. Our forward-thinking approach is designed for entrepreneurial-minded investment advisor representatives who want an interdependent relationship and to operate at the high standards established for fiduciaries. These principles and standards are the cornerstone of our commitment and the path of a trusted advisor.

We provide our investment advisor representatives access to proven prospecting media, turn-key client appointment process, financial and investment planning software, state-of-the-art technology solutions, progressive portfolio management, performance reporting, ongoing investment training, and full-service back-office support.

We offer our professionals the required tools to be the "first to flight" and help their clients transition into their golden years.

Gradient Annuity Brokerage

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We are an independent, privately-owned insurance marketing organization for fixed annuities and life insurance. We are committed to providing financial professionals with a virtual home office, furnishing unparalleled business-building support through specialized expertise, proven marketing systems, and comprehensive value-added professional and educational services that meet the needs of today's boomer and senior populations.

Our partnership program affords benefits that exceed any other marketing organization in the country. Our program has been created to help our professionals increase their production while reducing their expenses, resulting in an overall increase in net income. Many marketing organizations focus on growing production but do not take overhead into account. Our platforms require no additional overhead or staffing! Elite and Premier Members receive exclusive access to Gradient Financial Group's platforms and services on a subsidized or complimentary basis.

We offer our professionals the required tools to help their clients "soar with safety" into their golden years.

Gradient Investments, LLC

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Gradient Investments is an independent, privately-owned, fee-only SEC registered investment advisor, providing professional money management services. We serve individuals, employer-sponsored pension plans, foundations, endowments and corporations through mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETF), options and separately managed accounts.

Like the Wright brothers, we are pioneers. We actively manage accounts through our proprietary Wright Investment Strategy which is based on the principles of flight. Although the Wright brothers' first flight was over 100 years ago, it remains one of the most complex and demanding challenges ever mastered. The Wright brothers conquered this challenge by developing a scientific 3-Axis Control System that is still used today on fixed-wing aircraft.

We address investment challenges through a parallel 3-Axis Control System which actively manages Risk Exposure, Investment Strategy, and Investment Performance and provide tailored investment solutions based on clients' unique investment objectives.

Gradient Positioning Systems, LLC

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Gradient Positioning Systems is the creative branch of Gradient Financial Group. We create strategic partnerships with our financial professionals to develop influential brands capable of mass communication and unlimited growth potential.

Like Les Paul whose pioneering quest for a new sound and ability to physically build his inventions lead to the first electric guitar and the existence of rock and roll, Gradient Positioning Systems has recognized an opportunity to design a new norm through branding, graphic design, interactive (Web) design, search engine optimization, multimedia, public relations, advertising, and marketing. Our design team will build a brand to perform on a new stage; a stage that appeals to the audience of today and understands the fans of tomorrow.

We embrace the concept of "Les' is More," which involves bringing an esthetically pleasing and simple to understand design to a complicated and difficult to follow financial world. Now is the time for financial professionals to pick up an electric guitar, create a new sound and become a star in a new financial revolution.

Gradient Securities, LLC

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Gradient Securities is a "New World Broker/Dealer" that stands proud in the industry for our comprehensive and innovative business model. Much like pioneer Christopher Columbus possessed valuable knowledge about the trade winds, which would prove to be the key to his successful navigation of the Atlantic Ocean, we work side by side with our financial professionals to help them navigate the discovery process of assessing their clients' financial goals, portfolios, evaluating their risk tolerance and charting their chosen course to their financial destination.

We're outside business activity friendly and understand most professionals aren't just selling securities products. Today, progressive professionals serve their clients by providing a wide spectrum of products and services. We offer equities, debt securities, mutual funds, variable life insurance, and variable annuities and also provide a diverse selection of financial products and services through our relationship with Gradient Financial Group.

We will continue to explore and discover innovative possibilities within the securities world.

Stovall & Associates, LTD.

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Stovall & Associates is an independent, privately-owned tax planning, preparation, and filing firm who serves individuals and businesses. We possess the same pioneering spirit that genius Henry Ford used to forge the automotive revolution.

We help clients understand tax in a new way through the 360 degrees of tax affordability, a circular method that provides clients the opportunity to receive feedback and services from our team of CPAs and tax professionals. Clients receive insight about their unique financial situation as it relates to past, present and future tax strategies to accomplish their overall financial goals.

Our 360-degree approach encompasses the past with the Second Opinion Tax Review, the present with preparation and filing services, and the future with Roth IRA conversion analysis, beneficiary review services, and advanced tax planning such as Social Security and Net Unrealized Appreciation treatment.

RIA Registrar

Serving the Independent Advisor

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RIA Registrar is a Minneapolis-based compliance firm for independent registered investment advisors and a sister organization to the Gradient Financial Group member organizations. We create strategic partnerships to provide compliance and administration solutions that enable registered investment advisors to operate in good standing.

Our services include state and SEC registration, ongoing compliance maintenance, and errors and omissions insurance coverage. The registered investment advisor business continues to gain popularity. Sharing the same pioneering spirit that defines the Gradient Financial Group members, we seek to partner with registered investment advisors and firm representatives who are the forefront of financial services trends and who are dedicated specifically to running a firm with strong fiduciary values and strict compliance standards.

We help businesses through the language of compliance and work relentlessly to make sure they are ready to look and play the part of today's independent registered investment advisor.

Gradient Gives Back Foundation

Giving Back to Deserving Families

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Gradient Gives Back Foundation is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that supports the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program and devotes resources to assisting Americans. We strive to help poor, distressed or underprivileged American families who are at risk of losing their homes through the Foundation.

Like the pioneers who have inspired our member organizations, we also seek to unite communities by inspiring Americans for the purpose of charitable giving. Annually, we award a full year of mortgage or lease payments to deserving families as part of our nationwide Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program.

Since the establishment of our Foundation, we have awarded mortgage or lease payments to eight families across the United States and continue our commitment to actions that make immediate and real differences in the lives of families who have fallen on hard times.