Financial Group, LLC


Our Team

Our dedicated team works across the Gradient Financial Group family to support our financial services professionals and their organizations.

  • Charles Lucius
    CLU®, ChFC®, MSFS
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tami Lucius
  • Tony Compton
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Graydon Harder
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Nick Stovall
    Chief Tax Strategist
  • Rob Nelson
    Chief Information Officer
  • Nikki Foley
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Kaitlyn Wyngaard
    Director of Operations
  • Michele Asmussen
    Events & Travel Coordinator
  • Beth Compton
    Events & Travel Coordinator
  • Quolyne Olson
    Events & Travel Coordinator
  • Anthony Wald
    Marketing Director
  • Crystal Nibbe
    Communications Manager
  • Alyse Snyder
    Copywriter/Communications Manager
  • Tony Shore
    Director of Radio
  • Randi Roller
    Senior Controller
  • David Coulter
  • Shelley Augustine
    Staff Accountant
  • Jill Zinda
    Finance & Accounting Specialist
  • Jocilyn Polanchek
    Annuity Commissions Specialist
  • Erik Lindwall
    Network Administrator
  • Eric Esquibel
    Lead IT Technician
  • Andrew Scierka
    IT Technician
  • Eric Marvel
    IT Support Specialist
  • Kimberly Holthus
    Virtual Marketing Coordinator
  • Melissa Hoosline
    Virtual Marketing Coordinator
  • Jack Walther
    Virtual Marketing Coordinator
  • Emily Marquis
    Virtual Advisor Coordinator
  • Emily Roth
    Virtual Advisor Coordinator
  • Lindsay Wirtanen
    Virtual Advisor Coordinator
  • John Cummings
    Distribution Manager
  • Anna Steinnagel
    Distribution Coordinator
  • Adam Estall
    Case Central Manager
  • Jesse Gosney
    Sr. Case Design Coordinator
  • Roberta Fox
  • Carol Hamilton
  • April Pashman